What is Brand Identity?

Just as your personal identity distinguishes you, your brand identity is the secret sauce that distinguishes you from every other Tom, Dick, and Harry, Inc. on the block. And what about the design of your brand’s identity? It is what defines your firm.

But, exactly, what is brand identity? What has this got to do with design? And how can you create a powerful brand identity that propels your company forward?


What Exactly is Brand Identity?

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We like this phrase by 99 designs when it comes to creating brand identity:

“Brand identity is the collection of all aspects that a firm generates in order to project the correct image to its consumers.”

Let’s take a look at Airbnb as an example. First and foremost, they have a compelling purpose that people can identify with: “Belong Anywhere.” Furthermore, they work hard to ensure that this message is conveyed in all of their communications.

Take, for example, the “A” in the Airbnb logo, which reflects four important ideas related to the company’s brand identity: “a head to represent people, a geographical icon to indicate place, a heart for love, and lastly an A for Airbnb.”

Their light red color choice maintains the warm and fuzzy vibe, and the typography utilized is playful and welcoming. The most crucial thing is that their brand identity is effective. How do we know this? We took a look at Airbnb’s brand awareness.


What is the Importance of Brand Identity?

The Value of Brand Identity

Aside from the logic that brand identity is what distinguishes a business in the market, here are some more benefits of brand identity –


Assists in the development of a suitable brand image

While brand identity is the brand’s outward appearance, brand image is how people perceive it. Having an identity is critical for a firm since it gives rise to brand image. However, it is the marketer’s responsibility to help clients build a picture of the brand that is comparable to its identity.


It distinguishes the product from the competition.

Brand identity assists the brand in developing its own distinct attitude and differentiating itself from competitors in the market. This difference also aids in the development of a positioning strategy and the acquisition of a devoted client base in the market.


Producing Consistency

The most crucial part of branding is consistency, and brand identity is what gives rise to consistency. It is critical to have a consistent external expression in order to be viewed in the way that the brand desires.


Assists in the Development of Personality

A brand identity is a visual representation tool used to portray the personality of a company.


Brands with Good Identity: 3 Examples


close-up photography of red and white Coca-Cola trailer

Coca-Cola has had brand identity tactics in place since the early twentieth century, associating red and white colors and the emotion of enjoyment with its brand. The brand also employs a distinct form for their bottles, which distinguishes them from the competitors.

The brand messaging has also remained consistent — a high-quality soft drink associated with positive experiences.



Apple Store shop front

When compared to other brands, Apple has one of the most distinct identities. The usage of the letter ‘I’ before each product, a premium price, the style, the logo, and the voice all sets it apart.



McDonald’s is the largest restaurant chain in the world, with 34,480 locations in 119 countries. Nonetheless, the corporation has a very consistent corporate identity that includes the colors red and yellow, the phrase and tagline “I’m lovin’ it,” as well as the character ‘Ronald McDonald’.