Wah…so many Bad Reviews!!

“Rubbish service!”

“Over charging.”

“Acceptable experience but room for improvement.”

Tired of seeing these reviews on social media, but unable to change it no matter what you do? 

You are not alone. In fact, today’s customers expect impeccable social media customer service standards. That is why we must learn how to win buyers’ hearts on our e-commerce sites. 

What is social media customer service?

Social media customer service provides support through social channels such as Facebook and Twitter. It enables companies to meet customers where they are and answer questions quickly. 

Providing omnichannel support through social media is a challenge for B2B and B2C businesses large and small. Smaller companies may find it difficult to keep up with customer requirements in terms of manpower. Large companies that are highly engaged can have a hard time connecting with every contact.

Starbucks’ top-notch customer service on Twitter

Harnessing social media monitoring, Starbucks found a tweet from a customer who desperately needed their Pink Drink. The company came in and utilised one of the most empowering tools, empathy, to feel what the customer feels. The client praised Starbucks for brightening his morning.

Always take initiative to respond. In this example, the client wasn’t even complaining! Customer service isn’t just about solving problems, it can be about making someone’s day.

Understanding what buyers mean on social media

Carefully examine what your customers are saying about you on social media and consider: 

  • What kind of feedback is given?
  • Which questions can be addressed with links to the current FAQ?
  • Will you gain by replying to brand mentions?

Considering these aspects helps you clearly strategise which issues need immediate attention, and how different problems can be addressed.

Speed is key

A 2020 Customer Experience Trends Report found that the majority of customers on social media expect businesses to respond in less than an hour. In this group, 6% of people expect to get an answer in five minutes.

As a best practice, always respond immediately. If you don’t have 24/7 staff available, one solution is to write a response template. These automated messages are sent when customers communicate outside of their normal business hours, so they know you received their request.

With these techniques, your bad reviews online may soon turn into this. 🙂

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