Top 8 Communication Apps (2021)

With all in-person communication prohibited as a result of Covid-19, people are turning to internet platforms and smartphone applications to remain in touch with friends and family. The list below highlights some of the most popular programs for both computer and smartphone to make life simpler and to maintain relationships even when you can’t be there in person.


Facebook Messenger

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This is most likely the most well-known and widely used video and instant messenger. Click here to read more about this app and its features.



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During the epidemic, this online video platform saw an increase in users. Zoom is a vital tool to install on both your computer and your smartphone. It is used for both business meetings and casual talks amongst friends. Conversations can last up to 40 minutes in the free version.


Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams, which is geared primarily at professionals, allows you to collaborate on projects and participate in discussions from your laptop or smartphone. The platform has a wide range of tools, such as video conferencing, document sharing, instant messaging, and more. They also give venues for educators, health professionals, and others who require distant learning help.



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This is an incredible all-in-one communication tool that presents new methods to interact, discover, and stay connected with your communities, gaming arena, and friends. There is no better way to schedule your next get-together or join a game using the app’s structured text channels and open voice channels.

The app’s advanced features also allow users to build VIP channels where members of the community may talk in a private space.



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Telegram is intended for users who want the quickest messaging experience possible while maintaining high security. It is dependable, safe, and powerful. The software has over 400 million active users and is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices.

The conversations are safe thanks to 256-bit symmetric AES encryption, Diffie-Hellman secure key exchange, and 2048-bit RSA encryption. This software is 100% free and has no adverts. They are always pushing the boundaries of what messaging applications can achieve.



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It should come as no surprise that WhatsApp has been downloaded by over five billion people. Its popularity skyrocketed after Facebook purchased the texting app. Unlike its competitors, the app does not contain any adverts.

The user is able to quickly communicate with anyone in their contacts list simply by having their phone number. The program is completely free, and users may send text messages, images, documents, brief audio and video messages, and other media to their phone contacts.

The most recent version introduced new features like as more expressive emojis and stickers, as well as message encryption for increased security. The WhatsApp Web function allows you to access your messages directly from the browser on your computer.



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WeChat has evolved into a lifestyle for over one hundred million users worldwide, becoming more than simply a messaging and social networking tool.

You can read news, access local services in Official Accounts, exercise with pals on WeRun, scan QR codes, and play fun games with friends in addition to the usual chat and phone options.

The app is available in 20 different languages and allows you to make low-cost calls to mobile phones and landlines all around the world (only certain regions). Users may now enjoy mobile payment options with WeChat Pay, which adds to the overall ease.



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Slack, perhaps the most popular team communication platform, offers it all—messaging, channels, video calls, integrations, and bots for hundreds of third-party tools—but the free plan only allows for 10 service connections, so select wisely.

It’s a lot to take in all at once, but after your squad gets the feel of it, they’ll love its adaptability.