Whynopadlock is a free tool to diagnose your website regarding the security issue. Whynopadlock will identify the issues causing your website to be insecure.


Get the HTML code you need when customizing your website. 



Unsplash provides freely-usable high resolution images for your design needs. 


Flaticon gives you access to free icons available in PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD and BASE 64 formats.


Removebg allows you to remove your image background. It is 100% automatic and free. 


Canva allows you to design anything from logos, posters and social media posts. Canva provides free design templates for you to have a visually appealing artwork without needing Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. 



Everliker is a Google Chrome extension that saves you time and brings attention to your Instagram account by liking posts on your behalf. Everliker frees up your time and get more followers and likes on Instagram automatically.

SEO Checklist

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Checklist provides a simple step to step guide to make your website SEO friendly. 

SMM Checklist

Social Media Management (SMM) Checklist states what is needed to be done for you to fully utilize Social Media 


Simply input your search criteria and our email extractor will provide a list of names with corporate emails, position, LinkedIn profile URL, company name, industry, website and much more!


    Link up both Facebook & Instagram Page

    You can now post on both Facebook & Instagram Page with just one click and see all insights for both pages

    Key in the details under: About, Phone Number & Email Address

    By keying these information, this will increase your brand's authenticity and engagement levels among your viewers

    Create content consistently, especially during festival seasons

    Having consistent post will engage your current viewers. This will help on retention of your current viewers

    Set-up an automated welcome message on your Facebook Page

    New viewers will feel more connected with the welcome message. This will create a more lasting impression they have with your brand

    Check your engagement level

    1%: Good

    0.5-0.99%: Average

    Below 0.5%: Needs more improvement

    Set up automated posting for your social media pages

    Save time and keep your posting consistent


    When you are using the SEO checklist, do refrain from jumping steps. 
    Your website’s SEO can be maximised only when you follow the checklist step by step. 

      Step 1: Search Engine Listing

      SEO COMPLETION: 50%.

      This is the first step and the most important step!

      Step 2: Website is both mobile and tablet friendly

      SEO COMPLETION: 60%.

      Most of the online visitors use their mobile/tablet device to view websites. If your website is not mobile/tablet friendly, you might lose 30-40% of these visitors

      Step 3: Your website loads in about 3 seconds or lesser on desktop version.

      SEO COMPLETION: 65%.

      The targeted speed is the benchmark for websites on desktop version. Every increase of 1 second might lose approximately 10% of the traffic.

      Step 4: Your website loads in about 5 seconds or lesser on mobile and tablet version.

      SEO COMPLETION: 70%.

      The targeted speed is the benchmark for websites on mobiles and tablet version. Every increase of 1 second might lose approximately 10% of the traffic.

      Step 5: Images on your website are loaded on webp format.

      SEO COMPLETION: 75%.

      By compressing and loading images in webp format you will save tons of space on your web hosting and your website can load faster.

      Step 6: Tagged H1 & H2 titles properly on your website.

      SEO COMPLETION: 85%.

      Titles that are not tagged will affect how online visitors discover your website. For instance, John does a web design business and his website's Web Design Services is not being tagged as a H1 title, online visitors will not be able to search his website easily while searching website design services on search engines

      Step 7: Upload images that are high in resolution

      SEO COMPLETION: 95%.

      Images is another factor on how your website is searchable on the search engine. Having low resolution and blurry images would rank your website lower in the search engine. This will affect how google rate your website as well.

      Step 8: Meta description and title for all your pages are done properly.

      SEO COMPLETION: 100%.

      By doing so, your website is more searchable on the search engine