The Woke Salary Man: Social Media Secrets

The Woke Salaryman was meant to be a shining piece of portfolio for creators Ruiming He and Wei Choon Goh. A neat little essay, a few images—basically, a demonstration of how outstanding content can entice readers, generate purchases, and attach people to a company.

According to Ruiming, the duo initially wanted to provide lessons to organizations so they could generate better social media content. The Woke Salaryman was just supposed to be a demonstration of what the pair could educate them.”

But things took a positive turn. 

The Woke Salaryman is currently one of Singapore’s most popular finance sites, little over a year after its debut post. It’s no longer simply a showcase item; it’s now the center of much of Ruiming and Wei Choon’s work.

The Woke Salaryman presently has over 150,000 Facebook followers, 100,000 Instagram followers, and tons of infectious material. Ever since, they’ve also secured content agreements with some of Singapore’s most recognizable companies, like OCBC Bank and Singapore Airlines.

They attribute their current success to remaining loyal to their mission: prioritizing quality above quantity in all they do.

Reaching out to average Singaporeans

According to co-founder Goh Wei Choon, there are several technological obstacles in the financial content arena, making the personal finance community daunting. He recalls posting a query on a local personal finance group and receiving a slew of snarky and condescending responses because his inquiry was too simple.

He was adamant about changing it. He really believes that if the lower and middle classes grow more financially savvy, society as a whole would benefit, thus our overarching objective is always to make financial material accessible and entertaining to the layperson, even if it may anger an “elitist” finance expert. These are everyday trade-offs, but their long-term objective is to ignite the flame rather than stoke the inferno.

When you pique people’s interest, they’ll go out and follow the story for themselves.

Be genuine

The page aims to be as open and receptive as possible. Telling the founders’ personal tales improves it. They turned down a number of clients who refused to accept real marketing. It’s a risk that few people are willing to accept, but The Woke Salary Man has done so so far.

This may imply making less profits in the short run, but they regard social capital as soomething important to be preserved. Leaving money on the table for authenticity is unpleasant in the short term, but having credible personas and tales helps you generate more money in the long run.

Innovation and experimentation

Every now and then, the couple conducts sponsored social media marketing experiments, spending a hundred dollars, for example, to promote a pretty successful IG post, simply to see if they convert.

Whenever it comes to new ideas, though, they prefer to concentrate on financial content experimentation. Wei Choon explains that he’s always experimenting with different approaches of storytelling that aren’t only focused on the technical elements of finance. He does this by utilizing his own spare time—time that he would not have spent on paid or normal print media.”

They feel that, given how quickly trends change nowadays, all businesses, from start-ups to established ones, should adopt a more liberal approach to material. You may not expect it : a content experiment about which you are enthusiastic about might yield surprising leads or wonderful new ideas.