TDS Feature – Helping Drink Mi sell Online

Over the last month, our blog has covered almost everything you need to know about e-commerce. Starting your own e-commerce website is no easy feat. We, The Digital Spacee, are a humble startup that genuinely wishes that YOU have the means to digitise your business and adapt to this changing world.

In this article, we would love to share with you an e-commerce site we have built for DrinkMi that has benefited its business.

What is Drink Mi?

Drink Mi Pte Ltd is a beverage distribution company. It’s main product is the well-loved DrinkMi Ice Jelly imported from Malaysia. 

Ice jelly is a beverage that attracts not only children but also all ages and genders. DrinkMi aims to provide the best beverages locally and globally as well. DrinkMi strives to be innovative and creative in their marketing channels and also providing the best after sales service to maintain their relationships with their “consumers”.

DrinkMi’s e-commerce site built by TDS

A minimalist, aesthetic web design appeals to viewers immediately and welcomes them to check out Drink Mi’s amazing drinks. We used the best photos to help brand Drink Mi’s drinks as refreshing and natural. 

A fully integrated platform

With this site, customers can order drinks they want in less than 10 minutes – it is convenient for them. This means that there is minimum time for customers to change their mind, increasing customer acquisition. 

On this single site, customers can order as many different items as they wish; they can change their orders while adding more. The best thing is, everything is fully integrated – from choice of products, to product descriptions, to checkout and finally to payment. 

Other e-commerce sites done by TDS

We have also created e-commerce sites for many other clients, here are some more examples:

If making an e-commerce site is something you are considering to transform your business, click here and we will get in touch.