Why The Press Release Is Now More Important Than Ever

With the rapid development of social media, how people communicate around the world has evolved drastically over the last decade. In this age of online content marketing, the press release might seem, at first glance, an outdated idea that businesses should avoid utilizing. However, as businesses struggle to figure out the effective ways to harness the power of social media to reach new audiences, a familiar marketing tool – the press release – has now developed new purpose. Press releases are more crucial than ever, and the modern media release is better than ever before.

A press release is a written communication that reports specific but brief information about an event, circumstance, product launch, new technology, or other happening. It is usually linked to a business or organization and provided to the media via a variety of methods. Press releases now include images, videos, and other multimedia, essentially meaning that you can convey your message and news stories in more interesting ways than ever before.

Regardless of your industry, a press release aids your business or organization in earning media coverage across the globe and within your community. A well-written and widely distributed press release can help your corporation to gain coverage in news outlets, trade publications, influential blogs, industry-specific journals, and other targeted publications.

Here are some popular reasons for issuing a press release:

  • Sharing company news
  • Addressing an existing issue
  • Responding to a crisis
  • Making announcements
  • Releasing product updates
  • Broadcasting of achievements
  • Announcing an upcoming event
  • Promoting an upcoming service
  • Launching of new website or application
  • Releasing of latest eBook

Common questions that businesses may ask include, “How am I supposed to get that press coverage? And how is it possible to share my news with the rest of the world without drying up my marketing budget?” In truth, engaging press release writing services often represent the key to efficient and affordable self-promotion. Let us have a look at 7 benefits of doing so:

1.      Instant Exposure

2.      Increased Traffic to Your Website

3.      Improve your SEO

4.      New Opportunity to Reach and Engage Your Targeted Audience

5.      Staying Power

6.      Potential to Attract Investors

7.      Metrics to Monitor Performance

1. Instant Exposure

A well-crafted and carefully distributed press release is a cost-effective public relations and marketing tool. This is especially useful and beneficial for startup companies or small businesses looking for a way to build awareness about their brand. Before online press releases had become common, most press releases were sent only to journalists. Now, a press release can be distributed to millions of people around the world instantly through email and social media. Essentially, the press release allows for small or medium business owners to increase the exposure of their business to the rest of the world at an inexpensive cost.

2. Increased Traffic to Your Website

80 million people worldwide head online daily to look for unique insight and exclusive stories. As such, it is critical for business owners to attempt to push their businesses to the top of their prospects’ newsfeed and boost their exposure. Having press releases can be an effective way of doing so. By including several links in the press release to your blog or website, business owners can guide readers towards their other platforms where they promote and sell their goods. Furthermore, by optimizing the key elements of press releases, such as keywords, headlines, videos, photos, hashtags, and description, you can avoid penalties from Google, which had started implementing them for shady, manipulative link building strategies.

3. Improve your SEO


Press releases published by several media outlets will offer you valuable backlinks to your website. A well-written press release utilizing SEO best practices for search algorithms allows search engines to find, match, index, and rank your press release. Search algorithms are seeking well-written content that naturally incorporates keywords and links. Tags referring to your topic and a set of relevant, industry and company-specific keywords are extremely vital elements that you should add to your copy to optimize your press releases and unlock instant SEO benefits.

4. New Opportunity to Reach and Engage Your Intended Audience

Press release distribution services are industry-specific and ensure location targeting, a noteworthy benefit that increases your odds of advertising your message to the right audience. As such, a recommended tactic is to target an audience that is more likely to respond to your CTAs. Such services based on geographical location can maximize your reach and help you connect with people who share your vision, mission, and interests. These people would be more willing to test, buy and recommend your products to others.

5. Staying Power

The digital world is truly a marvellous place. News releases get saved, stored, and archived to serve as a digital record of where you have been and what you have done. If your website and social presence are content-driven, your press releases can occupy the news, media, or blog sections of your website.

6. Potential to Attract Investors

Press releases offer you the simplest and most affordable strategy to boost your online reputation and increase your visibility in both the local and global market. Besides making your goods appear more desirable in the eyes of your prospects and attracting more clients, press releases can help you capture the attention of influential investors who could become your future sponsors, and fuel your business startup to ascension.

7. Metrics to Monitor Performance

As a business owner employing the use of press releases to achieve your business objectives, you would definitely be keen in finding out the key results of your marketing strategy. Certain press release distribution services enable you to find out exactly where, when, and how the media is interacting with your press release. They are also able to provide clear and detailed reports of certain metrics, which allows you to discover how many headline impressions, full release reads, online pickups your press release managed to rack up. This helps to facilitate your implementation of subsequent marketing strategies based on what the relevant metrics show.

So, how should I start?

The press release is a strategy that has been in existence for over 100 years. Yet, it remains as viable as ever in today’s context. Having understood the importance of the press release, you may be keen to employ this strategy but unsure of your next step. If you need some assistance in crafting and distributing your next press release, simply contact us and let us know. We are happy to help. Click on this link to enquire more.

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