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We are passionate experts who want help you digitize your business and deliver great experiences.

Transforming your vision into creative results.

I consider myself a hustler, and I believe that hard work makes the dream work. Paired with creativity and a group of young passionate interns, I firmly believe in the success of TDS.

Charles Chan

Founder of TDS

I like making things pretty.

gRaPhic dEsIgn iS mY pASsiOn! all jokes aside, to me, design is a world of endless possibilities, art and design subjective, so i am constantly learning and playing with design, allowing me to enjoy my work process.


Graphic & Web Designer

Designer by day, artist by night.

This is how I stay creative everyday, and I strive to be a professional in both areas, creating content that solves problems with great visuals.


UI/UX Designer

Unafraid of the unknown.

I am new to Singapore and still a university student. I am keen on trying new things, including learning new skills and trying new hobbies. I try to apply what I have learned from class into practice and real work.


Digital Marketer

Hypnotism is real. I use my words, and we've got a sale.

I've been using words in every form for as long as I can remember. They make up the core of everything I do - from sales to marketing to content writing. They haven't failed me so far, and I doubt they ever will.


Digital Sales & Marketing

I couldn't become a scientist, so I became a computer scientist.

I write code. And sometimes I break it too. Most of the time it's in one big go.


Web Developer

Web Developer, Software Engineer, Php, Laravel, Vue, Mysql,

I am an accomplished coder and programmer, and I enjoy using my skills to contribute to the exciting technological advances that happen every day at TDS.

Zaw Zaw

Web Developer & Manager

Web game so strong, they call me Spider-Woman.

For me, I consider web development incredibly creative and started my career in it. I have devoted all my best efforts to learn more about web development at TDS and growing as a professional.


Web Developer

Risk it for the biscuit.

I dared to enter this industry despite having minimal experience in web development because it was challenging at first but eventually turned into a joyful and enjoyable experience. All I can suggest is to take a risk and eventually things will go your way. Cheers!


Web Developer

I eat flowers to fuel my creativity.

I like to get involved in all things creative marketing. I aim towards creating aesthetically pleasing and appealing artwork. My goal is to make people happy with my design creations.

Sin Yuen

Graphic Design & Digital Marketing

If you can't do the right things, then make things right!

Taking that one step is better than staying silent worrying about difficulties. Becoming more experienced and useful for as many people as possible is my ninja way!!


Web Developer

Project Based

We are a Marketing & Tech Agency eager to transform your vision in mind into creative results.

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