Nike: 5 Marketing Lessons

How many fashion companies from the 1960s are still regarded trendy nowadays? Nike has continuously maintained a brand that strongly identifies itself with the youthful, energetic, and fashion-minded. We can all learn from Nike – regardless of how large or little our company is.

1. Develop your brand and tagline

Nike is so secure in their brand that they simply utilize their emblem (the easily recognizable Nike swoosh) instead of their full name. As a firm, you must realize that marketing is about building strong familiarity via consistent images and messages. Your tagline is a short statement that follows your brand name and provides more information about what your firm provides. Many firms ignore it, yet a strong strapline is one of the most successful pieces of marketing – just look at Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign.

2. Marketing through association

Nike spends a lot of money on promoting athletes and sports teams. A LOT. They share the spotlight of winning and are seen as a winner by identifying with great athletes and teams.

Nobody expects to improve just because they wear Nike, but that isn’t the goal. They will expect the goods to perform better, last longer, and withstand greater wear and tear.

3. Improve your technology

Nike began with a basic running show in the 1970s and is now adopting the marketing and advertising potential that contemporary technology can bring.

Nike stays ahead of the competition with innovations such as the interface between a fitbit and an iPod and the more current “Nike Fuel” wrist band.

4. Share the benefits of your products

Don’t start a business with the goal of becoming a billionaire. Instead, you should really feel that your product has a purpose in the world. This will allow you to concentrate on marketing the benefits of your items rather than their characteristics. Nike’s objective was to create the world’s lightest running shoe, which would significantly increase a distance runner’s pace. Nike has one of the most effective content marketing strategies, focused on highlighting the advantages of their goods.

While we may not have Nike’s resources or budget, one thing is certain: we can all benefit from their effective marketing techniques. Contact us now to talk with one of our marketing professionals about the best marketing for your company.

5. Be an integral part of your customers’ lifestyles

‘Just do it,’ has evolved into more than a marketing phrase. It’s a catchphrase for athletes everywhere. Nike’s inspiring marketing goes beyond simply selling the latest sneaker; it encourages people to think, imagine, and create objectives.

Consider how you may make an emotional connection with your target audience in your startup. Do you have the ability to personalize your products or services for your customers? By being a part of your customers’ everyday life, you may go beyond customer loyalty and begin to cultivate brand champions.