Mistakes to avoid as a Digital Marketer

Digital marketing today involves a new set of challenges, pitfalls, technologies, innovations, strategies and opportunities while at the same time, giving you many chances to destroy it all.

Another article discussed some of the potential risks and challenges that digital marketers face. In this article, I would like to provide a complete list of digital marketing mistakes that should be avoided, without withholding anything.

Digital Marketing is very critical in companies’ operations, making them susceptible to disruption. So as marketers, you should watch yourself, and avoid these horrible digital marketing mistakes mentioned below to prevent public backlash or branding mishaps in the near future.

1. The target cannot be specified.

Targeting is the first step in any type of marketing activity. Overlooking such details will lead to one’s downfall. Don’t make such mistakes. Many parts of marketing suggest that studying of the audience’s habits and behavior will resolve the majority of future issues naturally.

2. No strategy at all.

Yes, that’s right. Sadly, much of digital marketing relies on ‘tactics’ and ‘skills’ rather than solid strategies and goals. Before choosing a tactic to try, you need to have a reliable strategy in place. Your online marketing strategy is to be your guide as you engage in the wild world of marketing and tread cautiously to identify niche audiences for your products and services.

3. Go mobile.

While the Mobilegeddon may have occurred in 2015, but we still live in the aftermath of that shock. With the rise of mobile phones in recent years, it is not surprising to find people of young and old to possess a mobile phone. By going mobile first, it increases your likelihood of getting noticed by potential customers in the vast world of digital data. Mobile optimization is a key component of both transformation and content, so always keep it in mind when developing your digital marketing strategy.

4. SEO rejects.

The myth of ‘SEO is dead’ lasted most of the time SEO existed. Now in the age of artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms, SEO remains one of the building blocks of a technologically sound and competitive web presence. Without an understanding of SEO, marketing activities will rock and fail. You don’t have to know everything you need to know about SEO. Only the basics are sufficient.

5. Not performing switch optimization.

There was a time when digital marketing was okay without conversion optimization. That time has passed. Not conducting regular and careful split testing is a recipe for decline. Don’t be afraid of it. Yes, it does require an eye for some technical cutting and analysis, but most CRO software eliminates the need for deep knowledge.

6. Try all the digital marketing tactics in the book.

There are hundreds of thousands of tactics to choose from, so there are instant deadlocks. The best way to avoid tactical overwhelm is to 1) know what your viewers want, 2) know where they are, and 3) adopt strategies to reach them. This kind of laser focus is what many tactics degenerate.

7. Use all available social media platforms.

“Attempt All Digital Marketing Tactics” A cousin of the mistake is “Use of All Social Media Platforms”. I’ve seen hundreds of digital marketers make this huge mistake. Developing a social media strategy is clearly important. But trying to cover the world of social media with the presence of brands is a shortage. why? Because social media channels take a lot of time and energy. You will burn out soon if you try to do each and every one. Better way? The viewer chooses the top 3 platforms to play and gives them all this energy.

8. Pay to followers.

A boosted post is a touted tweet, but paying a few followers on Fiverr or other platforms is barely a shade.

9. Link building.

Building links (correctly done) is an old SEO tactic that plagues websites. Thankfully, most SEO marketers need to go beyond this point. Don’t do the traditional “building links”. Please note that there is a way to do it correctly.

10. Ignore content marketing.

Content marketing should form the core of any digital marketing strategy. It wasn’t until content marketing became less effective. Use your content aggressively, strategically and professionally to put your marketing where you want it.

11. I don’t have a marketing budget.

The marketing budget can be stingy depending on the company’s vision. First, realize your mistakes, despair, and fall into other funds, ruining your overall business plan. Second, businesses that have no budget and are not marketing are unsuccessful. In any case, you need to take a clear risk of destroying your business. Instead of shorting out your business without a marketing budget, set aside some money to roll the ball. This is especially important for startups with little or no market penetration.

12. Expect great results soon.

Digital marketing takes time. Yes, you will get some measurable results in a relatively short time. But be realistic about how long it will take you to achieve your goals.


It is easy to make mistakes. Thankfully each of the above mistakes can be overcome. But don’t create it from scratch and continue delving into it. In current times, digital marketing is almost always good.