Roles & Responsibilities

  1. Generate leads for TDS using TDS proven sales and leads system 
  2. Execute basic lead generation posts on social media groups
  3. Send E-mails to potential clients 
  4. Effectively and efficiently fielding and qualifying interest from lead generation and canvassing
  5. Maintaining and achieving customer satisfaction in pursuit of business targets
  6. Sharing sales-related or market information internally and externally


  1. Can be done at a freelance basis
  2. Online training is provided (freelancers may attend)
  3. Having past sales experience is a bonus

What will be provided for DSAs (freelancer)?

  1. Trainings: Lead generation techniques (both online & offline) 
  2. Basic tracking tools and system
  3. Resources: Access to TDS current pool of leads 
  4. Help & Support from the TDS Team


Depending on the DSA’s efforts and consistency, DSAs may earn a range of additional $500 – $2000 at a freelance basis. 

(Some projects pay higher)