Increase Your Sales for Free

With more consumers than ever shopping online, retailers are working hard to attract attention. But what if you don’t have an advertising budget? Are you destined to fade into the abyss of online? Or can you increase your sales for free? 

Thankfully, you don’t need a huge advertising budget to increase your e-commerce traffic.

Referral marketing

81% of consumers say that friend and family recommendations have a significant impact on purchasing decisions. Hence, there should be an easy way for customers to see while recommending the brand to others.

While executing a referral marketing programme may take more work, the results make the effort worth it: customers obtained through nominations have a 25% higher lifetime value than other customers. Take a look at Dropbox: thanks to its referral program, the company grew from 100,000 users to over 4 million users in 15 months.

Write with an angle

Content should always be created with unique value propositions in mind. 

A unique value proposition is that single thing that makes your business unique. It’s your spin on products and services that thousands of others can offer but don’t offer in the same way. 

Your average web visitor spends less than 15 seconds on your page. Use all your time to reinforce why your product offers what others can’t.

Instagram marketing

Instagram is a powerful social media platform for e-commerce brands. And it is free. First, the profile is the only point of contact where people can click on the site. Users with less than 10,000 followers cannot add links to their stories, so for new brands, only one link is allowed in the profile. 

Optimal instagram profiles include: 

  •  Related Keywords to Help Show in Search Results 
  •  Appropriate Amount of Related Emojis 
  •  One Link and Action Phrase 

Reach more people with influencer marketing

Influencer marketing means building relationships with influencers, exposing your online store to new potential customers. 

Through influencer marketing, you can leverage the creativity and scope of the industry’s relevant influencers, while leveraging the credibility already formed with their followers.

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