Increase your E-commerce Conversion

It’s 2021 and if you still think of website traffic as a good indicator of e-commerce store performance, it’s time to wake up! 

The average worldwide conversion rate for e-commerce websites is 4.31%, and the conversion rate in the United States is close to 2.63%. If your conversion rate is lower than these benchmarks, we’ll show you some effective ways to increase your e-commerce store’s conversion rate. 

Make them compatible for mobile devices 

Mobile commerce is on the rise. In fact, 82% of US Internet users shop online on their mobile devices. Mobile-friendly e-commerce sites have a 67% chance of conversion, while non mobile-friendly websites see more visitors leaving to purchase from other websites. 

It’s also worth noting that mobile shoppers spend twice as much as their customers on other platforms. Therefore, not only will the conversion rate increase, but the value of each order will also increase. 

Free Shipping Offer 

According to a 2016 study, free shipping was the most important incentive for most online shoppers to drive online purchases. If you offer free shipping, do list it prominently on every sales page!

It is worth adapting the fulfillment operation to make free shipping economically feasible. Partnering with 3PL, where fulfillment centers are centrally located, can save you money because orders are more concentrated. Besides, they can arrive faster. With fast, consistent and stable delivery, how can conversion rates not increase? 

Streamlining the payment process 

Did you know that 21% of shoppers abandon their shopping cart because the billing process was too complicated?

In fact, each time you add a step to the payment process, you are giving the buyer another chance to rethink his or her decision. If there are 10 steps to checkout, buyers have 10 chances to change their mind! Compress checkouts into one screen so there’s no need to scroll or click ‘next page’. Collect only information necessary to process sales, and don’t ask for anything irrelevant to the sale itself.

These are three simple but effective ways to increase conversion rates on your e-commerce websites. Implement these strategies, optimize your metrics, and test and validate the results. You will see the conversion rate of your online store increase significantly.