How To Market Effectively On TikTok

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According to a recent study, TikTok is the fastest-growing social media platform of all time and has been among the most downloaded applications worldwide for the previous two years.

During the COVID epidemic, the short-form video app grew rapidly as many users found the time to explore the platform and engage with their online audiences in new ways. For a social app, TikTok’s 315 million installations in Q1 2020 established a record for most downloads in a single quarter.

As a result, if you run a business, TikTok marketing may be a wonderful way to promote your brand because the platform has little to no competition. However, if you’re not familiar with TikTok, you may be unsure of how you might utilize it to promote your business.

Although there has been some criticism about the app’s privacy policies, it continues to increase in popularity, so keep this in mind when planning a TikTok marketing campaign.


Here are 4 ways to start marketing on TikTok:

1. Start a branded channel

Create a branded page and start experimenting with different sorts of content. Producing content does not need a large investment of time or money. The greatest strategy is to keep up with the hottest hashtags and memes and adapt them to your business. Create and share real material by utilizing the app’s built-in filters, effects, soundbites, and editing tools. TikTok’s organic reach is enormous, but meaningful interaction can only be had if your content resonates with your target demographic and adheres to the platform’s guidelines. It’s a waste of time to try to promote your company’s brand using this forum.

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2. Collaborate with influencers

Using TikTok to harness influencer communities is a smart move. TikTok-obsessed influencers have built devoted fan bases by consistently putting out high-quality, thought-provoking material. They are familiar with TikTok and know how to make the most of its tools, features, and current trends. Campaigns that take advantage of these influencers’ talents and knowledge can be approached and collaborated on by brands. The TikTok Creator Marketplace connects advertisers with content producers on the platform.


3. Start a hashtag challenge

Companies can utilize the creation of a contest to establish an internet trend or meme. Millions of users are drawn to the campaign by the highest-scoring tasks. The #eyeslipsface campaign by E.l.f cosmetics, which had over 4 billion views and 5 million video submissions, is a perfect example. AdWeek named it the most successful TikTok marketing campaign.


4. Run TikTok advertising

Although TikTok has the same reach as other platforms like Instagram, it hasn’t yet attracted a large number of marketers. This implies that generating impressions and clicks will be less expensive as a result.

Advertisers may run in-feed advertising, sponsored hashtag challenges, and banner ads on the app’s homepage. Advertisers can also target users who have already watched comparable material to their own. TikTok for Business allows advertisers to operate their own self-serve advertising campaigns on the platform.


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Check your target audience’s demographics before you begin marketing on TikTok. 

60% of TikTok’s users are between the ages of 16 and 24, making it the most popular platform within this demographic. Since 80% of all TikTok users are between the ages of 16 and 34, this isn’t the best place to promote to the baby boomer demographic.

With the exception of age, all of the other data we have indicates that people are popular in similar ways.

  • Males make up 58.4% of TikTok users, while females account for 41% of the total. This is a complete reversal from 2020, when the gender split was comparable but tilted the other way.
  • There are 150 markets where the app is accessible in 39 different languages, so it’s global in scope.
  • There is a 52/48 percent split between iPhone and Android users.

You should have no problem finding consumers as long as you’re in the right age bracket.

As a result, we only advocate using TikTok for marketing if your target population is under the age of thirty. The fact that older individuals are slowly starting to embrace the platform is undeniable, but your marketing efforts would be better spent elsewhere if that’s your intended audience.

Is there no chance if you’re trying to reach millennials who are in their mid-30s or older? Not at all.

Re-posting TikTok videos to other social media sites like Instagram and Twitter is a very common occurrence these days. If your other accounts have a large following, you may use the powerful TikTok editing tools to produce engaging video material for your fans.

Keep an eye on rival platforms’ plans for repurposing content if you decide to go this way. Facebook, for example, has revealed plans to experiment with algorithm modifications that might make Reels with a TikTok watermark less easily discoverable.


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So, how do you really market on TikTok?

When it comes to organic TikTok marketing, you have two choices: collaborate with influencers or create your own content. Each of these approaches has advantages and drawbacks, such as time investment.

Now that we’ve gone over both alternatives, it’s up to you to determine which one is best for your company.

  • Influencer marketing will be huge on TikTok

On TikTok, you’ll find videos of individuals doing anything, from beauty tutorials to baking demonstrations. There are a lot of major TikTok influencers in various niches, some of whom have millions of subscribers.

You may work with these influencers and develop an influencer marketing campaign using a portion of your marketing budget if their audiences are interested in your items.

You may get your items in front of new audiences by paying influencers to use or promote your products in their videos.

More significantly, you’ll gain the confidence of some of your existing clients. Use the fact that one-third of customers believe what an influencer says more than what a company says to your advantage.

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  • Create original TikTok content for your brand

Using TikTok as a marketing tool and creating your own content may be quite effective. But it will take a long time, a lot of ingenuity, and a lot of money. To be successful on TikTok, your material must go viral as well. Otherwise, TikTokers are likely to disregard it.

Take advantage of the “trend” culture by incorporating your unique material into it as much as possible.

Use the Discover tab to keep an eye on popular hashtags and then come up with a new version of the trend that incorporates something from your company. For an added boost in your chances of becoming viral, make it humorous or ridiculous.

  • Find hashtags for your brand’s TikTok posts

To increase your TikTok hashtag reach, choose one of these three methods.

Use a few of the most popular and tried-and-true generic hashtags to help your messages reach as many people as possible. Take a look at the ones listed below, provided by Influencer Marketing Hub.

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  • Look at trending hashtags

Go to the Discover page and look for a list of popular hashtags. To check whether any of the hashtags are applicable, search for broad issues that you may address with your own unique perspective.

  • Get inspiration from influencers

Analyze the hashtags that vertical influencers in your industry are using. You’ve found your industry’s specialized influencers. Now steal their hashtags and see whether they work for your own articles.

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  • Use general popular hashtags

Use a few of the most popular and tried-and-true generic hashtags to help your messages reach as many people as possible. Take a look at the ones listed below, provided by Influencer Marketing Hub.

#tiktok #foryoupage #fyp #foryou #viral #love #funny #memes #follow #bestvideo #tiktok4fun #tiktok4fun #thisis4u #loveyoutiktok

  • Use TikTok Ads

There is a TikTok advertising platform that will help you increase your reach if you don’t have time to come up with innovative ideas, produce videos, and then develop your reach through organic interaction.

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