How To Make Your Facebook Ads More Engaging

How To Make Your Facebook Ads More Engaging

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Share People Benefits, Not Just Product Features

People want to see other people in Facebook advertising, according to statistics; a study suggests that ads containing people’s photos perform better than those without.

Instead of focusing on the product itself, highlight how individuals gain from using it. People can’t relate to an inanimate item, but they may relate to a problem that the object is solving.


Keep Your Captions Short & Scannable

People read their feeds rapidly, and if you utilize lengthy text, your message will be lost in the shuffle, resulting in little interaction or conversion. You must be concise and meaningful in order for people to rapidly understand your products and take the appropriate action.

People on Facebook don’t want to read long texts, so keep it brief to get your followers to connect with your advertisements and convert. There are no restrictions; just make sure you communicate your message completely, clearly, and concisely.


Less Is More – Limiting Texts On Images

Facebook just stated that the less than 20% text in picture criterion for ad approval will be phased out. You should, however, continue to adhere to it. When it comes to users, photos with fewer texts tend to retain their attention longer than ones with more information.

When using photos, try to keep the words to a minimum and focus on delivering your message via visuals exclusively. Only utilize the restricted text if it’s really necessary to make your advertisements more engaging for your users.


Catch The Audiences From The Start

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How do you get users to engage with your advertisements if they aren’t staying on them? A user’s decision to stay or scroll depends on the opening few seconds of your video advertising. Users will surely interact with your ad if you have an engaging beginning.

You’re halfway there if you’ve managed to get the user’s attention. Now you must market your business to clients in a fun and non-salesy manner in order to encourage them to convert.

So establish a good first impression to entice visitors to remain and connect with your Facebook advertising.


Be Transparent About The Numbers

People want to know how much a tangible thing costs if you’re selling it. People want to know what % off they’ll get if you’re having a deal. Is there a copywriting technique that actually works? Start with the figures.

Ball Honda, a vehicle dealership in San Diego, for example, supports Facebook advertisements that detail the costs of buying a car. They describe the bargain that consumers may obtain if they lease a CRV and provide an expiration date for the campaign. They don’t show the ad to everyone in San Diego; instead, they target people who have already visited their website.

Despite their ad not being attractive, it still does the job of reminding customers to visit their dealership when they’re ready to buy a car.