How to Keep Customers Coming Back

You worked so hard to win your customers, probably spending lots of resources marketing your business, raising awareness, and getting people through your door. But the question is: how to get customers back?

Here at TDS, we believe in these five strategies to increase customer retention.

Provide instant gratification

You want your customers to feel that they got something of value and feel rewarded every time they walk through your door. 

Indiana Grandeur Flourish Boutique embodies this very well. According to its CEO, the boutique offers weekly sales and coupons, and these incentives have helped drive traffic to the store. Here’s the catch: you don’t have to cut prices significantly when enticing customers. For example, a seller may choose to apply a discount only for a particular product or brand and sell other items up when the customer is already in the store.

Promise less but give more

When you exceed customers’ expectations, they are more likely to come back. In addition, take note that often, the quality of what you provide them is more important than the speed that you give it to them. 

Utilise customer accounts

We suggest offering the option of creating a customer account after the first purchase. 

Why? Such accounts can facilitate repurchase by giving customers immediate access to their previous orders and pre-populated shipping information. Nevertheless, they are often considered too much of a commitment for new customers. So, given a choice, many choose to check out as a guest. 

Allowing guests to start an account after the first order balances both sides nicely.

Don’t neglect social responsibility

Clothing company Evelyn & Arthur regularly offers clothing and gift certificates to nonprofits, hosting special events for sales that benefit the community. Shoppers like to know that they are making a real difference in the community they live in, generating repetitive business. 

According to a Neilsen survey, 66% of respondents are socially conscious and willing to spend more on sustainable brands. In particular, millenials love CSR, and 81% of them are willing to support companies that show their strengths as corporate citizens.

Add that personal touch

A study found that simply returning a second set of mints back to the table could increase a waiter’s tips by 23%. This is because that mint produced a sense of personal touch to customers who received it. 

Building deep relationships ​​means a genuine interest in doing business with customers. Research their business, understand how you play a role in their day-to-day activities, and use this information to strengthen your relationship.

Attract customers again and again with us

Here at The Digital Spacee, we can help you add that flair to your business so your customers return again and again. Learn more about our services here.


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