Ah Chew Yong Tau Foo

About Marvelicious :

Ah Chew Yong Tau Foo and Beef Noodles traces its roots back to Hwa Heng Beef Noodles, originally co-founded by Mr. Tan Lang Chew. In 1992, amid concerns over Mad Cow Disease, Mr. Tan diversified the menu by creating a unique soup base for Yong Tau Foo, leveraging his expertise in brewing beef broth. This innovation distinguished his Yong Tau Foo with an aromatic flavor that became popular among Singaporeans. Today, Mr. Tan's son, Jeffrey, leads the business, having further refined and expanded it to multiple outlets across major food courts in Singapore, continuing the legacy of both Yong Tau Foo and beef noodles under the Ah Chew brand.

Problem Statement :

To consolidate all the information for Yong Tau Foo and beef noodle stores into a single website. Currently, they market both under Ah Chiu's branding. The client is interested in developing a simple and informative website design because, given their business model, an e-commerce platform may not be the most suitable option.

Solution :

We provided a comprehensive five-page website design that addresses all their needs. The planned website includes an inquiry form, enabling interested users to contact them directly via email. For the design, we proposed a customized approach, leveraging our designer’s expertise. Each of the five pages was crafted in accordance with the client's brand guidelines and the information provided. We successfully fulfilled our client's requirements and met their expectations.

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