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I'm one call away

I consider myself a hustler, and I believe that hard work makes the dream work. Paired with creativity and a group of young passionate interns, I firmly believe in the success of TDS

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I'm one call away

I consider myself a hustler, and I believe that hard work makes the dream work. Paired with creativity and a group of young passionate interns, I firmly believe in the success of TDS

Xiu Ting

Things aren’t always #000000 or #FFFFFF

I learned HTML, CSS, and JS while studying Web Development. Now I'm here to put everything I've learnt to good use by looking at the website from a different angle.

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Yang Yang

See the world through my lens

When you publish a new website, people do not yet trust it. So you'll have to bring in traffic from a trusted source to build up the trust people have in your site. I get a sense of accomplishment when I help clients achieve their desired outcome, which makes me want to continue to learn and improve.

Shrey Tibrewal

Turning imagination into reality

Dedicated to gaining real-world experience to assist with making a career path decision. Currently studying computer-science at NTU. I have an artistic ability to create what you can imagine.

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Sales and Marketing

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The ray of sunshine

Clients call me the ray of sunshine that brightens their day 🙂 I’m happy-go-lucky and keep my positive spirit even when no one responds to my calls.

Kai Tao

Digital marketing is my discovered fascination

Here at TDS, I discovered the joy of seeing projects through from campaigning to finally delivering the service to the client. My strength lies in building strong relations with others.

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Cold Calling is my passion

My goal here is to use various platforms to gain leads for the company. I was previously an NSF and will be studying economics at university.


Digital marketing is my discovered fascination

Bubbly, engaging, cheerful. These are 3 words to best describe me as a live stream host and a colleague. Harnessing my diverse live streaming experience (having hosted for Shopee), I hope to help local brands boost their presence through social media. I am also working on digital sales and marketing.

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Logical thinker. Work smart, not hard.

Introvert by birth, extrovert by choice. Finding the true balance of delivering the best business relations and service to clients is my mission.


The best marketing doesn't feel like marketing.

Being a friendly person goes with my line of work - reaching out to new people for clients through marketing makes me feel accomplished.

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The desire to express
ideas beautifully

Experienced in innovative design projects that include website design, branding, social media design, photo & video editing, etc. With a background in visual arts of 6+ years, your ideas can be expressed creatively and effectively.

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GrApHiC DeSiGn iS
mY pAsSiOn

My portfolio here includes logo creation, fridge vinyl design, packaging design, website design, social media creatives etc. In addition, I do creative photography, videography and editing of products for clients.


An artist living in a graphic
designer’s job security

I like to draw, and that inspired my interest in graphic design. I’m applying the skills I learn from uni and freelance to develop quality content for clients here.I hope to pick up some digital marketing skills along the way.

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Design is like digital

When I design, i like to go with what works. Less is more, thats the way i like it


See the world through my lens

With extensive freelancing experience in photography and web design, I do what I do because I believe a beautiful picture captures that fleeting moment to create a permanent sweet memory.

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Design is like digital

As a designer, I have a clear vision for my designs and am able to use various tools adeptly to transform my vision into results. I am intently focused and I take pride in my work - don't disturb me when I'm designing something!


Design is everywhere, it can be aesthetic or an expression of one's mind

When i design, i like to go with what feels good and vibe along with a certain concept, creativity is intelligence having fun and simple is key.

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