7 Ways To Increase Your Instagram Following

7 Ways To Increase Your Instagram Following

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Shortcuts like purchasing followers or employing bots are no longer viable options. These techniques may temporarily increase your follower count, but they will not benefit you in the long run.

That’s because the only Instagram followers that are genuinely important are those who care about and connect with your company. A phony follower count may inflate your ego, but it won’t assist you with your Instagram approach.

Instagram can be a highly targeted, visual marketing tool for your brand, as well as a way to create a devoted following that grows alongside your company. However, much like any other social media platform, there are appropriate, inappropriate, and creative ways to utilize your Instagram presence.

So here are 7 ways to increase your Instagram following the right way:


Use Geotags To Get Discovered Locally

You can also make your Instagram posts and Stories more discoverable by identifying your location—either the city you’re in or the area where the photo or video was taken—instead of using hashtags.

Local businesses may maximize the use of location tags by routinely publishing to these feeds and connecting with postings from potential consumers who are physically in the area.

Locations have their own Instagram feed, Story, and hashtags, which you may add to by using a location sticker in your own Stories.


Post Instagram Reels

You might be losing out on a major chance for your company or business if you don’t share Instagram Reels in 2021!

With Instagram deciding to place Instagram Reels front and center, there is a strong push for users to explore and share Reels more frequently in 2021.

Instagram’s newest video feature, Reels, is a means to record up to 30-second video snippets paired to music on the platform, and it’s taking center stage in the new main navigation bar.

Reels may be accessed on individual Instagram profiles (as well as the Instagram Explore page!) in their own distinct tab.

Run Giveaways

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When a user tags a friend, it’s one of the nicest sorts of comments you can get on any social media post, not just Instagram. Not only do these comments boost your post’s engagement, which helps it rank higher in the Instagram algorithm, but each tag introduces you to a new audience member who found you through a suggestion and might become a follower.


Posting relevant information that calls for 1:1 sharing is one method to foster this behavior (e.g., a gym meme that asks you to tag a friend who skips leg day). However, hosting a giveaway that encourages your audience to tag a friend and follow your account is a more dependable approach to persuade your audience to tag their friends.


Generate User Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is any form of material that you curate from your fans or followers, such as videos, photographs, reviews, audio, and more. To gain more Instagram followers, it’s a must-have item in your marketing arsenal.

UGC humanizes your business by showcasing real people with genuine experiences that demonstrate how your product works in the real world, resulting in a more trustworthy relationship with potential buyers.

Not only do your followers enjoy their 15 minutes of fame on your Instagram feed, but it also helps your online company sell more products. Consumers are 56 percent more inclined to buy something after seeing a photo of the product posted by other customers, according to Olapic study.


Create Content That Is Shareable & Authentic

The impact of authenticity on Instagram in terms of building your following is enormous, and we believe it will continue to increase in 2021.

Creating real shareable content is one of the most effective methods to reach a wider audience. Shared content is one of the most effective methods to get your message out on Instagram. Instagram Stories and direct messaging are also options for sharing feed posts.

When you’re honest with your audience, whether it’s about the challenges of running a business or your step-by-step beauty regimen, your followers will notice. When you treat your followers like friends, they may feel compelled to share your material with their own group of people.

Because the Instagram algorithm favors posts with a lot of interaction, when your posts are shared, they will appear higher in people’s feeds. If a post has enough engagement, it may be featured on the Explore Page. Hello, new subscribers!

It’s worth investing effort into generating (genuine) shareable content since the simple act of sharing may go a long way for your brand or business.

When you come across an article that you truly enjoy, leave a comment! Furthermore, your remark may be pinned, allowing hundreds of prospective new followers to view it.

Engaging with other accounts also informs the Instagram algorithm that you and them have a “connection.” This will improve the visibility of your account in related and suggested account ideas.


Create Custom Story Filters

“Augmented Reality,” or AR for short, may sound like sci-fi speak, but it’s taking off on Instagram in a big way.

What began as a few cute dog ears or heart filters on Instagram Stories has grown into a library of thousands of filters that elevate the content of your post.

Apart from content and AR producers on Instagram who have utilized Facebook’s Spark AR Studio to create camera effects, color grading, and amusing face-altering filters, we’ve seen a slew of businesses and influencers follow suit.

The most obvious advantage of creating a custom Instagram Stories filter is that when someone uses it, their viewers can see who made it in the upper left corner of the screen. A viewer may then touch on the name of the filter or the creator to try it on for themselves.

It’s a fun and innovative way to get your filter in front of new people and grow your Instagram following.


Optimize Your Instagram Profile

Your Instagram page is the public face of your company, and there’s a lot to accomplish here.

Your Instagram profile is an excellent way to introduce yourself to the Instagram community and drive traffic to your website. This is one of the few instances where connecting to your homepage is the best option, but a landing page tailored to Instagram users can be even more successful.

You’ll need a branded username, complete bio, profile image, and descriptions for your photographs to create your brand page. Important contact choices such as “mobile number” “email,” and “directions” should also be included. These will appear on your profile as clickable buttons or Call-to-actions.



Growing your Instagram account can often seem like a challenge, but if you follow the right techniques and strategies, you can definitely get more Instagram followers in 2021!

Remember it’s a combination of creative content, targeting the right audiences, and promoting your business in the right way. Try out some of these tips in 2021 and see how much your account can grow this year!