7 Tips for Instagram Marketing

7 Tips for Instagram Marketing

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Instagram has a massive advertising audience of over 1.16 billion users, giving companies a huge reach. Not only that, but Instagram marketing’s potential reach has also risen significantly this year, growing by 76 million people in just the previous quarter.

At least one company is followed by 90% of Instagram users., and consumer goods aren’t the only ones that profit. When it comes to investigating new products or services, more than 36% of B2B decision-makers utilize Instagram.

This cheat sheet of Instagram marketing suggestions for 2021 can help you improve your Instagram approach, whether you’re just getting started or a seasoned pro.

1. Instagram Marketing Strategy

Instagram marketing strategy is a planned, step-by-step action plan for using Instagram for marketing to meet your business objectives while staying within your budget.

Always keep in mind that each marketing plan is unique. That’s the major reason you can’t use someone else’s for your Instagram, and it’s definitely one of the reasons your Instagram marketing plan failed.

If you do that, you will not establish yourself as a distinct brand, but rather as another name in a sea of similar businesses.


2. Consistent Posting

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To attract followers and increase engagement rates, brands must be active – but how active should they be?

According to research, a steady 1-2 postings each day is the sweet spot. As a result, your feed will remain fresh and current, and you will have more possibilities to draw attention to your material. Knowing when to publish on Instagram is also important, especially when dealing with the algorithmic timeline on the platform.

Depending on the expert you listen to, recommended post times might vary dramatically. This inconsistency, which ranges from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. or 2 p.m. to 5 a.m. for your first post to even 5 a.m. for your second, can cause serious uncertainty for content planners.


3. Story-telling > Preaching

Instagram is swamped in poor marketing messaging that overlooks the fact that the social media platform is billed as a “visual inspiration tool.”

Instead of just preaching marketing messages to your audience, you should fascinate them through pictures, video, and text. Instead, become a storyteller and give ‘micro-stories’ using your descriptions, videos, Instagram stories, and profile to improve interaction.

People now yearn for connection, and storytelling is one way to provide that. People are far more inclined to buy into your material and share it with their friends if they have an emotional connection to it.

Sharing user-generated material that connects with your business is one approach to include aspects of storytelling into your Instagram strategy. Another option is to use your captions to tell a tale. Follow Instagram storytellers like Airbnb, Red Bull, Lego, Patagonia, and Nike for inspiration.

Longer captions with elements of narrative and authenticity are especially effective because they make companies look more real and allow them to form deeper relationships with their target audience. Wordy captions may also stop scrollers in their tracks and enhance the amount of time they spend looking at your article if done correctly.

Long captions have become somewhat of a fad, thanks to influencers who utilize Instagram captions as microblogs. Long captions are part of a wider shift towards authenticity, and they provide legitimacy to a platform that has been attacked for being overly shallow. This trend is definitely slowly being noticed by brands.


4. Optimizing Your Profile

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Your Instagram bio has only 150 characters to make a good first impression, express your brand identity, and explain to people why they should care about following your account. That may seem a lot to expect from such a small space.

Fortunately, your Instagram profile has a few more sections for showcasing your business and making it simpler for people to find you. 

These are some of them:

  • Your name: 30 characters, included in search.
  • Your Instagram handle: Up to 30 characters, included in search.
  • Contact info
  • Category: A business feature that tells people what you’re all about without using up bio characters.
  • Your website
  • Call-to-action buttons


5. Establish A Theme On Your Instagram

After you’ve decided what kind of content you would like to publish, you’ll need to figure out how it’ll appear and look. Creating an Instagram aesthetic has a tremendous influence on how successful your Instagram business will be. Color has an impact on purchasing decisions and brand awareness.

Your Instagram profile should have a similar appearance (“look”) throughout all of your posts so that your followers can quickly recognize your material in their feeds.

Using Lightroom presets or Canva templates is a simple method to attain this level of consistency.


6. Using Hashtags Wisely

Hashtags are a great technique to make your content more visible and discoverable.

In an Instagram post, you may include up to 30 hashtags. But, practically, that is probably not something you want to do.

Each post should include between five and nine hashtags. More than that may appear to be hashtag stuffing, a spammy practice that may annoy your followers. Worse, if you employ hashtags that are unnecessary or repetitive, people may opt to ignore your content for that tag or unfollow you.

Choose hashtags that are relevant, specific to your niche, and not aggressive for your Instagram business to be the most effective.


7. Conversion of followers into email subscribers

For genuinely deep consumer relationships, email remains the de facto method.

It’s for this reason that companies try to convert Instagram followers into email subscribers by following three simple steps to achieve effective Instagram email marketing.

  1. Depending on your target demographic, provide a clickable reward in your Instagram posts. For example, giveaways, discount vouchers, free content, etc.
  2. Make sure the landing page has a compelling call to action that leads to an email submission form once the audience has clicked through.
  3. Create a mailing list to help you manage your new email subscribers and start building more meaningful interactions with them.

With these 7 tips, your Instagram will be soaring in no time. Constantly research and improve your marketing plans as the Instagram algorithm and rules will be ever-changing. 


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