5 TOP E-commerce Website Templates

You want a website template that blows your visitors’ minds away.

What exactly is a website template? It is the structure and design that are applied on top of the content of your web page. Your website template changes elements such as fonts, colours, backgrounds and the placement of various images or other media elements. 

Your choice of website template should help you build an attractive online storefront that will increase visits and convert visitors to buyers. 


Astra, a widely-used WordPress theme, is 100% customisable and compatible with website builders like Elementor or LMS platforms like LifterLMS and LearnDash. It has a wide array of features, hundreds of theme choices, and is completely responsive. Astra has several website templates that you can select from depending on your industry or niche to quickly build your eCommerce site. 

While Astra consists of a free-of-charge plan, it has limited features. Paid plans begin from less than $50 per year, or access for life from $249.


Webify is an e-Commerce template well-catered for fashion and clothing demo sites. If these are your focus areas, your online store will be set-up in no time. Certainly, you can simply customise the existing template to suit your demands, even if it may be another niche or industry. Webify is incredibly simple to use and build on. For those with little website-building experience or knowledge, Webify is a good choice for you to build an appealing e-commerce site.  


Crafted by Webflow designer Daniel James, Nextup’s unique selling point is its music-centric theme that allows users to integrate sounds and videos while they sell concert tickets and products. This makes it extremely attractive to be shared on Facebook or Instagram. 

Nextup doesn’t just sound amazing – it looks breathtaking too. Features like streamlined layouts, large blocks of text, full-width images, animated transitions, micro-interactions, and even subtle scroll-activated parallax effects makes Nextup distinct from other website templates. Nextup intelligently inbuilds Webflow’s CMS for content control. 

Let’s put it this way: musicians are always creating new music, and they have to get their newest hits to the audience as fast as possible. With Nextup, all your new content can be built on preconfigured CMS templates, saving you a lot of time.


Contrasting white, gray and gold accents, Opale by Udesly immediately gives off a vibe of class. It is perfect for sellers of fashion, jewelry, watches or other luxury items – Opale gives you the chance to display your products in the most stylish way possible. In fact, every detail in Opale is designed to come together to convey that sense of glamor. 

It is crucial that your website’s design is compatible with what your brand is trying to communicate. If what you desire for your brand is a reputation of class and sophistication, Opale is the right e-commerce template to build the website for you.

Backpack store by Wix

Unlike Opale, Backpack store by Wix gives off a completely different vibe. It is young, it is outdoors-sy and it is adventurous. Backpack store’s design is cool and fresh – it gives website visitors the sense that they are completely immersed in the natural world. In addition to its aesthetics, this template is also user-friendly with comprehensive features that will aid your e-commerce site in attracting buyers. 

Everyone loves a discount. Backpack store by Wix allows you to display your hottest sales items right on your homepage. Upon clicking any of the items, customers will be brought to the product page for more details. Fret not if customers still haven’t fully made up their mind – the Wishlist feature allows them to save an item of interest, and take action once they have decided to purchase it.