A Lookback On 2021’s Logo Design Trends

Do you require a new logo? Understanding swings in logo design trends may help you produce a design with a modern touch, whether you’re beginning from scratch or simply tweaking an existing brand.

The concept of logo design is to produce something simple and unique. With so many new websites, brands, and enterprises appearing virtually every day, it’s no surprise that logos are becoming more distinctive.

Here were 2021’s most popular logo design trends.


Typefaces with Outlines

Outline fonts have been popular in many aspects of graphic design for some time and are now beginning to appear in logos as well. Outlined fonts may be intriguing, assist generate contrast between text sections, and even give a logo a lighter vibe.

Outline styles, on the other hand, can practically be lost if not weighted appropriately in context with the rest of the design, thus it is critical to pick a typeface that can carry the logo.

Outlined fonts can be used to letter a full logo or a portion of a brand name. Both alternatives may be visually appealing and offer visual attention.


Excessive Spacing

Almost every industry has a discussion about factors that disrupt and draw attention to different things. That is exactly what this logo design trend does. Exaggerated space – between words, between characters, or between lines of text – draws your attention to the logo design for a longer period of time.

This spacing pattern has advantages and disadvantages. While it may appear to be incredibly intriguing, it may be more difficult to read, placing the user under a larger cognitive burden.


Typefaces that are unique or experimental

Custom or experimental fonts can be a lot of fun and truly show off a brand’s individuality, making them a popular – and current – design choice for logos.

What’s good about these designs is that everything about your logo design will seem completely distinct and personal to you. The disadvantage is that they might take longer to grow. (However, what brand doesn’t require some time to establish itself?)


Logotypes that are simple

It’s difficult to compete with the inherent elegance of a simple logotype. Beautiful typography is used in these designs to draw together brand identification, which is something we’re seeing a lot more of.

A logotype may be thought of as a gateway logo for a startup or new firm. For many, this is their initial thought of a brand logo and company name before the firm becomes properly established. Some of these logos are timeless, while others develop with time.

One of the reasons this trend is so popular is the growing number of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small enterprises.


Simple Logos

It’s something that all of the big companies are doing. And it is at this point that the majority of major trends begin to take off.

There is a trend toward simplifying logos using basic typefaces, clean lines, and minimal images. (Or, in other cases, no images at all.)

These logos are frequently evolutions of previous forms that result in some simplicity, although new designs can also begin with a simple shape.



Gradients appear to be in high demand in design projects. Trends in logo design are no exception.

As with the last trend, prominent firms are employing gradient possibilities in their logos here as well. While pinks, purples, and oranges aren’t technically part of the trend, they are a popular color palette.

Gradients are useful because they lend depth to an image. Because of the variance in size for logo usage, logo designs can be a little tricky. The gradient selection must appear nice at both large sizes – such as billboards – and small sizes – such as phone app icons.

To make the most of this trend, create an attractive but not overwhelming gradient.


Animated Logos

Animated logos are becoming more common on websites. Many firms are animating current logos or developing newer, more trendy animated versions.

The beauty of an animated logo is that it makes you look. Consider the following popular webpage patterns: In the upper left corner, there is frequently a logo. Do you even bother looking at it anymore?

Animated logos use motion to break up the monotony of this design pattern, practically forcing you to glance at the logo. When you think about it, it’s very clever.


Clean Lines

Clean lines and geometric patterns may be used to create timeless logos that can be used almost anywhere. This trendy trend has a lot of leeway, which is one of the reasons it’s so popular.

Unlike some of the hand drawn designs that have been popular in the past, this logo variant has clean lines that give it a classic vibe. These logos are simple and elegant, and the concept is adaptable to numerous design trends. (Recall the Instagram logo, which has gradients and clear lines.)


Overlapped Elements

It’s one of those design standards that you wouldn’t expect to be broken by minor items like logos. However, designers are violating this guideline… It also works.

Logo designs are using elements that stack and overlap to create depth and visual interest, from big brands like PayPal to smaller studios like Moxy and Oust. Overlapping styles work well for logos with a basic mark or typography that is contained inside a specified portion of the logo.

PayPal, for example, employs an overlapping letter for its distinctive “P,” yet the term “PayPal” does not.


Lowercase Lettering

All lowercase characters have fantastic typography in this style.

With so many designers focusing on typography for their projects, the transition to a type-based logo isn’t all that surprising. Using all lowercase letters is a little more rare, but it may be an eye-catching option.

The catch is whether or not this use of your brand or company name complies with visual standards and usage.


In Conclusion…

Logo trends are intriguing features because, unlike what is fashionable, logos are designed to be consistent.

This provides an inherent challenge for designers who want to develop a logo that is both current and timeless. (That’s a tall order.) Choose a style that incorporates some traditional aesthetics and is anchored in design theory for the highest likelihood of endurance.

Create a logo that is visually appealing, identifiable, and readable, and you will have the highest chance of it lasting for years.


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